He’s been working as a DJ for more than 25 years in many countries. Below we will detail some of  many places where our great public has had enjoyed the incredible sessions with touches of House Underground, Tribal, Latin dance and Break-Beats .
1988 >Omar Salinas under the name of SHARK “MASTER” BEAT  Starts his sessions in: “D CLUB”, Miami Florida, USA. “STUDIO 54” Barcelona, Spain. “OZONO” “THE CLUB” Barcelona, Spain. “COLOSSOS” Lloret de Mar, Spain.
Edited for METROPOL RECORDS the single “SAMBA HOUSE”, introducing Latin percussions within the HOUSE music in the 1988.dentro.  Considering That Tribal HOUSE is today’s latest sound, Omar Salinas is a great visionary of dance music.
1990 > Omar Salinas alias SHARK “MASTER” BEAT changed his name as DJ*SHARK with sessions en: “SKY” Hamburg, Germany. “CARTOUCHE” Ámsterdam, Holland.
1991 >Influenced by countries  such as Germany and Holland, Omar Salinas or DJ*SHARK starts to study very carefully the authentic culture of techno and produces for METROPOL RECORDS, under the name of TUPAK AMARU in the well known track call **EL HIMNO** for the most radical DJ’s of the “valencia after hour TECHNO culture movement”.
1994 > The mentioned track in REMIX version is released  in to the recognise record company EMI. INTERNATIONAL and this Valencian techno anthem goes outher Spain to all the world.
1996 > Produces, directs y presents the TV program “DJ*WORLD” issued to Gran Canaria by OMT 6 TELEVISION and by Hispasat in CANAL ON. Organizes and produces events and concerts of DJs in Clubs, Discotheques and outdoor areas as VULCANO FUERTEVENTURA 96.
1997 > Creates the label ”COCO LOCO LATIN DANCE” with Greg Charvey, distributed by MO’S MUSIC MACHINE, LONDON UK. Published in England “MIND DANCE” and “SALSA NO ES”.
1998 > The single “MIND DANCE” is published in Tokio, Japan by Avex Records with good acceptance in the Japanese underground circuit. Later, creates his own record label “DJ*WORLD MUSIC” and with QUALITY MADRID h produces “WELCOME TO CHIC TONIGHT”, “METROPOL” The underground Place…and “LIFE Gran Canaria”.
2002 > From this last CD “Life Gran Canaria” removes the single “THE PIZZA PIANO” feat. MA BEE to present the “WORLD DANCE MUSIC” of the  40’s tops. His last two works have been published in 2002 by the label START.STOP.RECORDS (Holland), SALSA NO ES (Tech House Mix), SALSA NO ES (Underground Latin Mix), 182 BROTHERS (Original Mix), 182 BROTHERS (Vocal Mix).
2007 > His UNDERGROUND HOUSE sessions blend the most radical afro Latin rhythms into the TRIBAL. This is How gets the total of a devoted public, with a devastating louds, darks and strongers bass.!!!...
It has been demonstrated in the concerts called Canarian Dance Experience that OMAR SALINAS is a great professional fusion between professional DJ and live musicians (percussion, saxophone and violin) as well as excellent performances with different Black voices into the Soul & Funk. This cocktail of sensations you can only enjoy watching live OMAR SALINAS on stage.
He has participated in various collaborations with artists such as, AFRIKA BAMBAATA, "Just get up and Dance," JOCELYN BROWN and different productions  inside of one of the most important record labels of  House Music : UMM (Underground Music Movement)
2009 > OMAR SALINAS and CHRISTIAN VILA with pseudonym GROOVE  NATION  rionealize a E.P. with 5 tracks call : SALOU XPERIENCE (Instrmental), SALOU XPERIENCE (Vocal version feat. DEBEE DEE), DONT FORGET THE ROOTS (Tribuite to old school mix), DONT FORGET THE ROOTS (Big room mix) and SALOU XPERIENCE (Pleasure Team mix). Available in BEATPORT.
2010 > WHITE ISLAND RECORDINGS presents :   OMAR SALINAS & DIEGO SANCHEZ  in **DONT FORGET** (Original mix) & (Tribal mix) incluid
- "Don´t Forget" with Omar Salinas & Diego Sanchez
- "The Sound of White Island Records" with Omar Salinas & Dj Desk
- "White Island Winter Compilation"
- "The Sound f Night" with Omar Salinas &Dj Desk
- "You Got Time" with Omar Salinas & Gery Garces
- "The Jazzy Abstract Break" with Omar Salinas & Paul Q
- "182 Brothers" with Omar Salinas & Paul Q
- "Forget The Rules" with Omar Salinas & Abel H & Toni Vives
- "You Got Time Insomnia" with Omar Salinas & Carlos Guerrero
- "2 Real Tech"with Omar Salinas & Carlos Guerrero
- "Supergum"with Omar Salinas & Xavss & Dada
- "You Got Time" (piano loco) with Omar Salinas & Jon Cottle & Xavss & Dada
- "You Got Time" (Pumpin The Break)with Omar Salinas & Jon Cottle & Xavss & Dada
- "Ghetto House" with Omar Salinas & Jon Cottle & Xavss & Dada
- "New Country"  with Omar Salinas & Jon Cottle & Xavss & Dada
- "182 Brothers" with Omar Salinas & Dj Peich
- "Somebody" with Omar Salinas feat. Carla Diamont & Serious Flytech remix
- "Refrain" with Omar Salinas feat. Carla Diamont & Serious Flytech remix
Dj -  Producer &  Promoter
Omar Salinas