One of the most important events that OMAR SALINAS EVENTS outstands is in the organization of electronic music festivals, because the wide of both personal and professional experience of Omar Salinas, as a DJ of recognized prestige worldwide, musical promoter and great expert) of world record, places him as one of the most qualified professionals to lead a festival of this kind.
The great "plus" of the festivals organized by OMAR SALINAS EVENTS is that they adapt your offer to the host town or village, with the aim of promoting the township nationally and internationally, turning the festival into an event of touristic and cultural attraction
With a strong presence and a recognized prestige of its professionals, OMAR SALINAS EVENTS’ electronic music festivals is presents itself as a reference, a trademark symbol of modernity, quality and authenticity, a platform to discover and to live with the new trends, a must for restless public.
The electronic music festivals OMAR SALINAS EVENTS is an event with multidisciplinary cultural offerings, designed to be held for six days, divided in four stages and an exposure fair:
1. Concert / Festival
2. New Technologies’ Workshops
3. Village Private VIP "Chill Out Sessions"
4. Premiere Parties
5. Electronic Music Fair and leading companies.
What is the added value of OMAR SALINAS EVENTS??
La larga y exitosa experiencia en la organización de todo tipo de eventos, el reconocimiento obtenido tanto desde las instituciones como desde los medios, así como la amplia trayectoria profesional de su equipo de trabajo, con más de veinte años de experiencia, son una garantía de éxito y de la capacidad de producir “sensaciones memorables” en el ámbito cultural y del ocio.
OMAR SALINAS EVENTS trabaja junto a las administraciones, tratando de dar respuesta a sus necesidades culturales y turísticas con el objetivo de ofrecer una opción diferente, moderna e innovadora para momentos de crisis.
El objetivo es, a partir de las bases genéricas e intrínsecas de los eventos de OMAR SALINAS EVENTS, concebir un proyecto propio para el municipio que lo acoge y adaptado al máximo a las posibilidades del mismo, que perdure y se agrande progresivamente en el tiempo, buscando la consolidación nacional e internacional como destino turístico de primer nivel.
‘Festivals of Electronic Music and New Technologies’ OMAR SALINAS EVENTS
Description of the festival
‘Festivals of Electronic Music and New Technologies’ OMAR SALINAS EVENTS was born as a cultural and leisure choice, capable of bringing to the township where it takes place to the forefront of modernity. Aimed at an audience ranging from 20 to 45 years old, it is a landmark event both at a national and European level, which brings between 10,000 and 20,000 people together, all of whom love new trends and cultural currents, in which electronic music plays a unifying and decisive role.
The experience developed in other cities (Arganda del Rey (Rock n Rio), Berlin (Love Parade), Burgos (Electrosonic), to name a few nearby and other similar ones) proves that to institutionalize a first class cultural and innovative event ‘promotes and revitalizes extraordinary the potential of a city in all of its fields’.
‘Festivals of Electronic Music and New Technologies’
OMAR SALINAS EVENTS is a concept which encompasses several artistic creations, including some of the most advanced trends, such as music, video art and digital technology, which brings together a very wide typology of audience within a target age where we find all segments and sections of society and all types of cultural groups. A target of restless consumerist nature, ideal for projecting all the cultural industry, tourism and leisure of the township where the festival takes place.
‘Festivals of Electronic Music and New Technologies’ with OMAR SALINAS EVENTS’ seal is, by design, much more than a meeting place for lovers of electronic music and new trends. It goes beyond the interaction between different and innovative cultural and artistic disciplines. And this makes it a culture and leisure festival of national reference that, without any doubt, will project and position firmly the township that receives the festival to a national and even international level.

Development and structure of the festival
The four stages that include ‘The festival of Electronic Music and New Technologies’ OMAR SALINAS EVENTS are structured as followed:
1. Concert / Festival
2. Workshops for New Technologies
3. VIP Village Private "Chill Out Sessions"
4. Premiere Parties
5. Electronic Music Fair and cutting-edge companies

1. Concert / Festival
The electronic music festival EVENTS OMAR SALINAS always counts with luxury posters and include the best artists of the moment. Optionally, a contest for young talented DJ's in the area can be included in the festival. The winners could have the opportunity to become artists along with the great European DJ's and VJ's present at the event and promote them internationally.
2. New Technologies Workshops
During the festival of electronic music OMAR SALINAS EVENTS new technologies workshops are organized as well as other complementary activities, which are free for those attending the Festival and seek to be a point of meeting for close citizens, offering a wider range of cultural, leisure and training options.

3. Chill Out Village
The Chill Out Village is inspired by the Chill Out movement from the mythical ‘Café del Mar’ in Ibiza. And, whenever their schedules allow them, it’s their precursors, Bruno and Jose Padilla, who attend the to put their personal twist to the event.
4. Premiere Parties
They are parties organized by tour operators and aimed to who contract their services, in order to encourage reservations and buy tickets through official channels.

5. Electronic Music Fair and cutting-edge companies
OMAR SALINAS EVENTS’ electronic music festival organizes a parallel exhibition fair, whose exhibitors may be companies of the industry as well as companies interested in approaching the public who attend the festival.
This fair is an additional meeting point for discovering in the one hand, developments in the sector of electronic music, and, in the other, to ease access to several companies interested in reaching a target audience ina a direct and personal way.
The exhibition space is usually located in a pavilion or large tent near the main stage. This is a new concept of exhibition fair combining leisure with music and new technologies.

OMAR SALINAS EVENTS’ ‘Festivals of Electronic Music and New Technologies’ is Omar Salinas, who has more than twenty years experience in the world of entertainment and is promoter of festivals and concerts of electronic music.
Omar Salinas is a recognized DJ who became a promoter of events because of the need he felt of gathering as much audience as possible and show them the cutting-edge urban culture and new trends, which are expressed through fashion, music, art, media and new technologies. To create a festival of electronic music was an unavoidable step.
Omar Salinas has exercised its role as promoter in the most significant places and cities, where they meet and develop new emerging groups as well as multicultural movements that motivate them. London, Berlin, Ibiza, Florence and Milan are amongst those cities.

Festivals organized by Omar Salinas
It is impossible to include here all the electronic music festivals organized by Omar Salinas, so here are some of the most important:
It took place on the island of Fuerteventura gathering 18.000 people in a natural volcanic sandy crater in 1996.
The impact of VULCANO in the European media involved the Canary Islands Government and the major Tour Operators, strengthening and increasing the tourism sector in the region.
It included the highest level DJ’s: Sven Vath, Marco Zaffarano, Paul Cooper, P. Lomex, Graham Gold, Jim "Shaft Ryan, Karl" Tuff Enuff ", Matt" Jam "Lamont, Alex P., Brandon Block, Omar Salinas, Andy Manston ... Among the sponsors: Coca-Cola, Neckermann, Home Boy and the town hall of Oliva.

MUZIK (2000)
It took place in the island of Gran Canaria and gathered 13.500 people at the Eagle Canyon (SIOUX CITY) In MUZIK DJ'S were some of the highest level DJ’s: Pleased Wiming, Phil Perry, Tito La Rocka ... Sponsors: Town hall of San Bartolome de Tirajana, Red Bull, Heineken and Air Tours Limited Holyday.
It took place on the island of Gran Canaria, in the township of Mogan, and attracted 13.000 people in the Arguineguin cliff.
In CANARIAN DANCE DJ'S EXPERIENCE were DJ’s of the highest level such as Miss Money Penny's, Jim Shaft Ryan, Clockwork Orange, Andy Manston, Omar Salinas, Gold Dust Twins, London's Unique 3, Bennie Lopez, Michelle Coe Cool, Kike Boy ...
Sponsors: Mogan town hall, Univerdance 92.2 FM, Holyday Airtours Limited, Wor l Music and Clock Work Orange.
OMAR SALINAS EVENTS is the division of multitudinous events from promoter Omar Salinas. In OMAR SALINAS EVENTS we organize all kinds of festivals, concerts, openings, fairs, congresses, presentations, private celebrations, press conferences and events in general in Spain and in all Europe.
Descripción de festivales
This edition was held in San Bartolome de Tirajana, in the conference center in Gran Canaria, where they gathered approximately 10.000 people.
Sponsors: Heineken, Red Bull, Maspalomas Conference Centre (G.C.), San Bartolome de Tirajana Town Hall, Neckermann, Airtours, TVE.
Contributors: Clockwork Orange (U.K.)
FESTIVAL VULCANO Gran Canaria (2003)
Held in San Bartolome de Tirajana it attracted 15.000 people.
Participant DJ's were of the qualitiy of Brandon Block, Alex P., Graham Gold, Matt Meyers / Gizmo, Darren Christian, Mathias Tanzmann, Darren Stokes, Andy Manston, Loeski, Omar Salinas, Alex Medina, Celvin Rotane, Steve Lee, Matt Cassar.
National Advertising
Advertisement on-site:
- Billboards
- Banners
- Giant video screen
- Posters: 36,000 in public thoroughfare
- Flyers: 100,000 in public thoroughfare
- Radio stations: 40 Principales, Cadena 100. Wedges = Every 30 minutes, 40 seconds.
- TV: 4 minute adverts in TVE, Antena 3 and Telecinco
- Newspapers: Regional, Canarias 7, La Provincia and National Advertising ,Deejay Magazine International Merchandising; CD Vulcano Vol I. 40.000-60.000 delivered to the 20.000 agencies (with the travel package to the Festival)
MTV UK. Presence at the Festival, along with the presenters:
Brandon Block and Alex P.
BBC. Exclusive contract for a documental production.
Radio: Radio One, Kiss Fm London, BBC
International Press:
Ministry, DJ and Mix Mag (run copies = 250.000)
DJ'S VULCAN counted with the highest level DJ’s: Brandon Block, Alex P, Matt Meyers / Gizmo, Darren Chistian, Graham Gold, Joeski, Steve Lee, Omar Salinas, Andy Manston ...
Sponsors: Neckermann, Gran Canaria Town Hall.

D`MOOVE (2005)
A community of DJ’S, performances, musicians, singers and percussionists all artists of EDEN in Ibiza. The versatility of the group D ‘MOOVE fits perfectly in any room or club determined to work with a selected HOUSE sound.
In D `MOOVE’s cabin have performed: Karl" Tuff Enuff "Brown, Omar Salinas, Matt "Jam" Lamont, Wally Lopez, Stress to three, Miguel Angel Roca and Willy San Juan. Sponsors: Legends, MAXIMA FM

Forecast of assistance at the electronic music festival OMAR SALINAS EVENTS
To be certain of the assistance there will be in a festival of this kind it’s necessary to to do an analysis of concerts, festivals and similar events that have taken place in the Spanish state, highlighting the date and public assistance, both in their first and latest edition.
In any case there is an expected attendance of at least 10.000 people, and may reach 20.000, depending on the features and capability of hosting town.
Defining the audience
Qualitative data
Qualitatively, we can define the public attending these festivals as an opinion leader and a trendsetter, with a good attitude towards consumption. We can ensure they adopt behaviors "EarlyAdopters" and "FirstsFollowers".
The "Clubber" is our ultimate target. Because of their high cultural and social level, they are known to be very consumerists and technology fans(electronic equipment, mobile phones, iPods, music ...) and always in the latest trends in tourism, culture and fashion in its widest range. They spend most of their salary in being at the forefront and in the most fashionable places.
Quantitative data
Quantitatively, the vast majority are urban youth, aged between 20 and 35 (70%), with a middle income and upper-middle (90%) and who come from large cities and towns with over 20.000 inhabitants .
Geographic Distribution / backgrounds
75% of the audience is from Spain. Whilst the remaining 25% comes from Europe, mainly from Germany and England.

Financing, price of tickets and sales channels
The electronic music festival OMAR SALINAS EVENTS is perfectly self-financed. The sale of tickets and drinks to visitors, as well as contributions from sponsors can cover the costs of organizing the festival.
Thus, the administration who organizes the event can decide whether to carry out a sponsored event dedicated to the township, or if they want to recover the investment made prior to the booking and hiring of artists, by means of the way of income stipulated for the festival (ticket sales, sponsors ...).
The prices listed for ticket sales (regardless the fact of adjusting the price for each particular festival) is around 35€ for a 1 day ticket and 50€ for 2 days.
To make the management and control easier, official sales channels are established in the festival website (website created specifically for that event) as well as other routes that are considered appropriate and safe, as could be big shopping centers (like El Corte Inglés), important web pages like Atrápalo or the websites of festival partners.

Communication, Marketing and Promotional Media
The spread of the electronic music festival OMAR SALINAS EVENTS develops into three wide coordinated promotional activities at national and international levels, to ensure reaching the target audience:
• Our own communication, promotion and advertising campaign, where the logos of the sponsors and partners play an important role.
• The communication done by the artists involved in the media, especially their websites.
• The promotional activities, marketing and advertising developed by sponsors, partners and collaborators.

Communication campaign, promotion and advertising of the festival
Given the profile of our target audience, which has its own communication channels and codes, it is absolutely necessary to have the cooperation and use the services of highly specialized in avant-garde music and new trends companies... OMAR SALINAS EVENTS counts on companies of recognized solvency and consolidated in the sector to carry out these specific promotions.
However, our communications department carries out in parallel, a global communication that helps position the Festival and the town host in the leading cultural and touristic trends.
The communication plan includes the following:
• Creation of a Festival press office.
• A national printing campaign, focusing more locally or nearby to encourage participation of citizens in the surrounding areas (posters, flyers, billboards ...).
• Agreements and joint actions with national and international media for the printing, broadcast and on-line, mainly specialized in the target goal.
• Advertising campaign in general and specialized media; local, national and international.
• Various promotions that allow access to target audiences through tour operators, sponsors, promoters ...
• The creation of a specific website for each festival and specific event of OMAR SALINAS EVENTS, from which aspects of work positioning and actions in various social networks are carried out, as well as exchanges and links to other websites, blogs and chat rooms in our sphere of action.

The role of public administrations
One of the mainstays of OMAR SALINAS EVENTS is that the long journey undertaken, so far has always had the support of local authorities in the town hosts where the events have taken place.
To have the appropriate permissions, ideal spaces, security control, respect for the town host and the residents are part of the key to success of OMAR SALINAS EVENTS. And this requires government support and co work with them in the organization, so there are no contingencies that alter the proper celebration and success of the festival.
At present, the government support to these events also becomes a complementary way for town halls to overcome the crisis, as it offers a modern cultural and touristic alternative, with great power to gather people and as a source of income for the township and host town.

Omar Salinas
Dj -  Producer &  Promoter
Omar Salinas